The Medoc: One-Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Paris

We have extremely high standards when it comes to advising buyers on the purchase of a great Paris apartment. The moment we stepped into the Médoc-even when it was empty and before being remodeled-we could see that it had the just the right combination of factors to make an excellent Parisian home. It is located on a high floor of a classic Parisian building with elevator, and it features plenty of large windows that fill it with sunlight all day long, two pretty little balconies and stunning views of the Invalides Dome.

Best of all, the Médoc located in our favorite neighborhood in Paris' 7th arrondissement, surrounded by boutiques, open air markets, the famous rue Cler market street, the Seine and the bustling rue St. Dominique. After six months of work completely remodeling it, the results say it all - a small and welcoming one bedroom apartment in the heart of Paris.

We love the village-like feel of the 7th arrondissement, a wonderful place to call home when you're in Paris. Wake up each morning and cross the street to buy warm, buttery croissants at our favorite patisserie. Enjoy café au lait over a leisurely breakfast, then step outside and Paris is yours. Take in a cooking lesson or sing up for French classes and art history lectures nearby. Shop at the open air farmer's market as the locals do.

Walk and simply take in the many sights and sounds of Paris! Select a favorite local bistro for lunch and enjoy the company of a special person over wine and a delicious meal. Afterwards, enjoy the latest exhibition at the Grand Palais or Petit Palais - there is always something exciting going on. Visit a new wing at the Louvre, attend a lecture at the American Library or book-signing at Shakespeare and Co. As dusk falls, savor the moment as you walk along the Seine to the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower. The lifestyle in Paris makes it a wonderful place to live.

Description of the Medoc Apartment:

This sunny and charming one bedroom, one and one half bathroom apartment measures approximately 39 square meters, or 410 square feet. It includes a built-in kitchen and built-in closets in the bedroom and living room. The apartment features rare views over Paris rooftops from two small balconies, and a lovely view of the golden dome of the Invalides nearby. While dining, you'll savor the perfectly framed view of an ancient clock tower that is literally across the street! When you spend time in Paris, you'll appreciate these open views and pinch yourself that you're in Paris every time you look out the window.

The Médoc is located in the heart of Paris' Left Bank, and is only moments from the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful Champ de Mars gardens, the romantic Seine River, and a wonderful selection of cafés, restaurants, shops and fashion boutiques. It is one of the safest and most sought after neighborhoods in Paris!

The sale price for this fully remodeled apartment is €620,000. It is exceptional value for this fully remodeled apartment. In addition, it includes the beautiful furniture, antique décor, luxury mattress, high-quality sofa that coverts to twin beds, top-of-the-line appliances and all kitchen accessories down to a Nespresso maker, champagne glasses and teaspoons, and all of the classic Parisian accessories.

Most apartments in Paris are sold completely empty-without basics like light fixtures or even kitchens-and in need of a total remodel. If you were fortunate enough to find a comparable apartment in Paris in the same neighborhood with similar design features, balconies and views, it would cost significantly more than the current asking price.

In addition, buyers should budget €180,000 to €210,000 for the same quality remodel and expect constructions times of nine months to a year. They must find competent builders, specify exact design details, select materials and be on hand to correct mistakes. With our long years of experience remodeling apartments in Paris, we have taken the worry and wait out of the picture. The Médoc is ready to be enjoyed from the moment you buy!

The Apartment

Step into a stone-fronted building located three blocks from the Seine River and two blocks from the Eiffel Tower. The building dates from the 1800's and is in the 'Pierre de Paris' stone finish. It is on a tree-lined Avenue only two blocks from the Eiffel Tower. The apartment is located in the second building, accessed via the attractive lobby and and through a small courtyard. Take the elevator to the 7th floor. The elevator is small and in excellent working order.

Open the front door and enter this sunny, fully remodeled one bedroom apartment! The apartment measures approximately 408 square feet (approximately 38 square meters) and has been designed and finished to a beautiful standard for maximum comfort and efficiency. The apartment, called the Medoc apartment in Paris is named after the region in Bordeaux which produces some of the finest wines in the world.

Find a charming 'Monsieur Lapin' or Mr Rabbit coat hook on the left wall, one of the practical touches you'll find in our apartments. On your immediate right is the powder room with toilet and an antique marble sink. The softly curved wall on your left features the pretty white sink carved in a shell pattern, sitting on limestone countertop. We found it in Italy many years ago and saved it for the perfect Paris apartment. It is a perfect fit here. On the right is a long window means plenty of natural light. There is a cabinet behind the toilet for storage.

Step into the living room and find the long sofa on the far wall, faced by a pretty beige armchair. To the right of the sofa sits a decorative wooden fireplace and antique mirror above.

The sofa is over six feet in length so you can take naps on it during lazy afternoons. It has a trundle bed underneath and converts to two single beds at night. Find a pretty Italian mural behind the sofa in browns and ochre colors. Look left and open the French doors to the balcony, framed by beautiful silk curtains. The view and balcony are a rarity in Paris apartments; what a pleasure to open them on and gaze out over the City of Light the moment you arrive! The apartment is located on the courtyard and because it's on the top floor, it enjoys Paris rooftop views.

One of our biggest frustrations when we moved to France was trying to read with 20 watt light bulbs in dark, depressing rooms. We vowed to remodel our apartments with plenty of good lighting. Our builders were amazed at how many lights we insisted on, but they make all the difference. There the charming metal and crystal chandelier in the center of the room as well as brushed chrome reading lamps behind the sofa. Facing the sofa is comfortable French armchair in pale beige. And there is a closet on your left for storage.

Just beyond the living room you'll find the bedroom. You're immediately drawn to the balcony and views over Paris rooftops. In the distance is the golden Invalides dome, where Napoleon is buried and home to one of the largest and most interesting military museums in the world. The golden dome is softly lit up at night, a wonderful and romantic view. Rare and wonderful are the balconies and French doors where you can step out and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight all day long.

The bedroom features an extra-wide queen-sized bed and closets on either side of the French doors. The point de resistance is the second small balcony, where you can step out and savor views the Invalides dome day and night. On the far side of the bed is a small bookcase and pretty antique mirror that reflects the blue skies of Paris. On the console table, we installed TV points for a flat screen TV in this room, as well as a multi standard DVD player so you can watch TV from bed. Charming bedside lamps sit above two antique bronze and glass half-moon night tables. And a crystal chandelier adds the final touch. We love the crystal reflection in the pretty round mirror.

Back to the living room and continue to the kitchen and dining area. The apartment is compact, but the feeling of space is marvelous. The built-in kitchen features every appliance you need set into pale beech wood cabinets. Find full-sized refrigerator/freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave/convection oven combination and even a Nespresso machine.

Just in front is the oval oak table in French Provincial style that comfortably seats four. Another chandelier hangs over the table, adding a soft touch for dining with family and friends. Small points that aren't immediately obvious; count the number of electrical outlets in the kitchen. We found that architects and builders never allow for enough, so we doubled them. There are enough plugs for all of your appliances.

Turn left into the beautiful bathroom. Our architect outdid himself by using all of the extra space in the corner to build a beautiful walk-in shower using pale botticcino marble. Find fixed and flexible shower heads, which we insist on. Not obvious is the fact that we also insist on large hot water tanks so everyone can take a hot shower in the morning. Sitting on the stone counter is a round sink and mirrored medicine chest above.

We think you'll find this to be one of the most comfortable and well-situated apartments in Paris. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing it.



  • Special features include 2 balconies and rare views. There are two decorative balconies off the living room and bedroom. A rarity in Paris apartments, open the doors on sunny days and enjoy the feeling of being in Paris.
  • Views: Wonderful views of Paris rooftops. View of the Invalides dome from the bedroom and the 7th's Ancient Clock Tower from the kitchen and dining area.
  • Apartment Located on an Upper Floor: apartment is located on the 7th floor of the building, the top floor.with elevator. Top floors are harder to find, and there's a reason why. Summer, winter and fall, you can look out and pinch yourself that you're enjoying rooftop views, sunshine and your time in Paris.


  • Sunny open living room with French doors opening onto a small balcony.
  • Long sofa faces a comfortable armchair where you can relax at the end of a long day. Comfort is all important and this apartment offers that and more -- a warm and welcoming home in Paris.
  • Pretty Italian fresco hangs behind sofa
  • Fireplace and antique mirror are just to the right of the sofa, adding a feeling of home.
  • Desk on the left has a pull out shelf and is already hooked up with wireless internet
  • Colors are soft beiges highlighted by soft greens and red checks.
  • Flat-screen TV's and DVD players in living area and bedroom
  • Apartment security: Excellent. One of the safest neighborhoods in Paris. The building has a code panel on outside door, the apartment door is steel reinforced and we have installed a safe for valuables.


  • 1 Bedroom: Bedroom has a decorative balcony and French doors to step out on. Views over rooftops and of the top of the Invalides golden dome. There is a high-quality, extra-wide queen bed. The French doors have double glazing, and is quiet. Bathrooms
  • 1 ½ Bathrooms: Bathroom is tiled in beige marble step in fixed shower and over the counter sink. Separate powder room with toilet and sink. Large hot water tank means plenty of hot water for showers, an often overlooked but important feature.


  • Beautiful pale beech wood cabinets.
  • Fully remodeled and equipped kitchen with plenty of cupboards for pots, pans, glassware, dishes, utensils etc
  • Dishwasher
  • Two burner stove top
  • Combination microwave-oven
  • Full-size refrigerator with freezer
  • Washer/dryer combination
  • Antique-style oval dining table of solid oak sits under a beautiful chandelier.
  • Large windows face the beautiful ancient clocktower in the 7th arrondissement; it is literally across the way. You must be in Paris!


  • All of Central Paris
  • The Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars Park are a few blocks away, a rare benefit in Paris. On sunny days, you can stroll, picnic, play tennis, bicycle, watch the Guignols at the old puppet theatre-or simply relax as generations of French families have done. Having a nearby park is a rare benefit in Paris.
  • The romantic Seine river is only 3 blocks away. Stroll to favorite museums and landmarks or hop on the Batobus or 'boat bus'. Walk home to see the reflections of Paris sparkling on the water below,
  • Take the RER or local train at the Alma Bridge which whisks you along the river to Notre Dame and St. Michel.
  • Landmarks and Museums: Musee' Branly, Musee' d'Orsay, Invalides, Napoleon's Tomb, Ancient Army Museum, Rodin Museum, Trocadero, Museum of Mankind, Musee' de la Mode, Palais Chaillot, Grand Palais and Petit Palais
  • American Library, an institution in Paris for the English speaking community is literally around the corner. Enjoy lectures, book-signings, discussion groups, internet, daily papers and of course books.
  • Apartment is walking distance to 3 of Paris' largest Open Air Markets and seven minutes walk to the famous rue Cler Market Street
  • Rue St. Dominique and rue de Grenelle nearby; full of trendy boutiques, affordable bistros, cafés and restaurants. Walk or hop on the 87 bus and you're at the Bon Marche in less than six minutes.
  • Public Transport: Pont de l'Alma Metro & RER ; Ecole Militaire Metro
  • We love the neighborhood because it is beautiful in its own right, but walking distance to many other great neighborhoods. Cross the Park to the 15th arrondissement where you'll find excellent shops and markets on rue du Commerce, including a large Monoprix (a French Target). Walk to the trendy 16th arrondissement behind the Trocadero, home to restaurants, discount fashion shopping and more. Cross the river to the Triangle d'Or in the 8th arrondissement where you can dine at the Four Seasons or Plaza Athenee', shop at the the Grands Couturiers on Ave. Matignon, buy delicacies at Hediard or have tea at Laduree' on the Champs Elysee's.